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You can submit your application in the form below, but first, ensure you follow all the steps correctly!

There will be 10 winners in total!

Five winners will be chosen automatically based on the number of views, so be sure to share the video with everyone! 

The remaining five will be selected by the Jury, focusing on:

  • Engagement in terms of views, likes and comments.
  • Creativity that exceeds expectations.
  • Personal stories that inspire others to embark on their own volunteering adventures.

The top prize, awarded to the first winner, will be determined by the Jury considering all these factors.

If there are more than five videos with the same number of views, the jury will make the decision.

To be eligible, ensure you:

  • Have a valid European Youth Card for ESC Participants.
  • Have a PRN number as an ESC Participant.
  • Are over 18 years old.

Are you ready? The deadline has been extended!

You can now upload your video from 8 April 2024 until 31 May 23:59 CET. 

Good luck!

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