Terms and Conditions

General Rules

  • Only European Solidarity Corps volunteers who hold a valid Special Edition for ESC Participants of the European Youth Card at the moment of entering the competition can participate.
  • By submitting their entries and uploading their videos, participants agree to the terms and conditions of the competition.
  • Participants can submit entries from the 8th of April 2024 until the 19th of May 23:59 CET 2024.
  • There is NO entry fee. Participation in the competition is free.
  • The submission deadline has been extended until 31st May 2024, 23:59 CET.


  • Participation is limited to one entry per person. 
  • Entries must be submitted online at volunteer-awards.eyca.org by providing personal details (name, surname, nationality, country where the project takes place, email address, contact telephone number, card number) and by sharing the link to their video in YouTube. 
  • The video should be a maximum of 60 seconds and in vertical format, uploaded on YouTube Shorts.
  • The video should be public, and in the description, it should be mentioned that it is part of this competition, and the EYCA YouTube channel should be tagged. 
  • Participants must follow all steps correctly for their participation to be eligible. 
  • The video should showcase the value of being mobile and active as a volunteer with the ESC program.
  • Non-European citizens are eligible to participate in the competition. The prize for non-European citizens will be a Eurail pass, which is equivalent to the prize awarded to European citizens.
  • Any additional costs incurred, such as visa fees, will not be reimbursed by the organisers. Participants are responsible for covering these expenses themselves.
  • The participant is solely responsible for the content of the video. Videos will be posted to the competition microsite only upon approval from EYCA. 
  • Only videos in English or with English subtitles will be eligible. 
  • Videos with inappropriate language and/or content that promotes violence, undermines human dignity, and the basic rights and freedoms of others are not admissible. EYCA shall, at its sole discretion, determine whether each entry complies with the above conditions and may reject entries it deems not compliant at any time, without notice. 
  • If a contestant is found to have manipulated the competition in any way, EYCA reserves the right to disqualify said contestant from the competition at its sole discretion.


  • A total of 10 winners will be selected. Five winners will be determined based on the number of views their video receives on YouTube, while the next five will be chosen by the Jury. The top prize will be selected by the Jury, considering factors such as engagement, creativity, and inspiration showcased in the video.
  • Should there be more than five videos with an identical number of views, the decision regarding winners will be at that the discretion of the jury, as outlined in the competition rules.
  • Each of the ten winners of the 2024 Participation Awards will receive the following prizes: two Interrail passes (7 days within a month pass - 2nd class), 400 euros for pocket money, a small pack containing merchandise materials, and an iPad Air for the first-place winner only.
  • Winners have one year from the date of announcement to redeem their Interrail tickets. All communications regarding the receipt of their prizes and other matters will be handled by the EYCA team.
  • Participation in the competition cannot give rise to any legal claims or rights to compensation. Any legal action is excluded.
  • Prizes are not transferable.
  • Participants are permitted to promote their video entries at their own expense. Such promotion is allowed and will not affect the participant’s eligibility or standing in the competition.
  • Video views and engagement counts will be recorded until 1st July 17:00 CET, 2024, extended to: 8th of July 17:00 CET, 2024. Any views obtained after this date will not be considered for determining the 5 first winners.
  • Winners will be announced on volunteer-awards.eyca.org from 8 July to 20 July 2024. Winners will be contacted by email by EYCA and informed on how they will receive their prizes.
  • EYCA reserves the right to contact the winners after they are announced and request the video in any format for communication purposes.
  • Winners agree to share their experience online and share photos, videos, or written experiences with EYCA, write a brief report, and provide photos of their experience of enjoying the prize within two months of using it. These materials will be used in EYCA communications.

Use of Personal Data and Ownership Rights

  • Participants grant EYCA consent to use their personal data (name, surname, age, ESC sending and hosting countries), video, reports, and pictures provided for the competition in EYCA communications (website, newsletter, Facebook, brochures, and other online and printed publications) without claim for any compensation for the purpose of promoting the EVS Program and the European Youth Card.
  • Participants grant EYCA the right to use their videos for the next 3 years from the time the video was submitted.
  • Participants grant EYCA consent to use and disseminate their video in EYCA communications and among EYCA partners and member organisations.
  • Personal data will be treated confidentially and in compliance with the respective legislation.

Disqualification and Disclaimers

  • EYCA reserves the right to disqualify any entry considered not to have followed and respected the conditions outlined above without any claim for compensation.
  • In cases of suspected abuse, manipulation, or any prohibited or unlawful use of the competition, participants concerned shall be immediately excluded from the competition without notice.
  • Participants assume full responsibility for their entry.
  • No responsibility will be taken for any damage caused to participants due to unforeseen circumstances caused by third parties.
  • EYCA reserves the right to amend the publicised conditions or to cancel the competition providing that the amendment or cancellation is publicised in the same manner that the conditions of this competition are publicised.
This competition is organised by: EYCA – European Youth Card Association 7/11 Rue D’Alost, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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